We work with artisan communities in the Philippines to co-create handmade home and beach products in the hope of sustaining local artisans & crafts.

INABEL- Inabel is a textile made by hand from a weaving process called Abel using traditional wooden looms by a group of skilled weavers in the northern Philippines. This beautiful and light weight Inabel handwoven towel is the perfect accessory to accompany you all year round. Our collection blends modern design with age old abel weaving techniques capturing the warmth and elegance of Philippines made product with the vibrance of summertime.

T’BOLI- Named after the tribe that makes them, our Tboli brand is a social purpose. We collaborate with brass casters from the T’boli tribe in South Cotabato, Philippines. Each bracelet is unique and tells a story. Every piece is handcrafted in small batches to showcase the highest quality T’boli craftsmanship available, with the aim of creating dignified employment and sharing the stories of the T’boli people.

GOLDEN MONSTERA- a sustainable jewellery brand that’s locally handcrafted in Siargao Island Philippines, each piece we share our passion for design, love for nature & the environment. We work with one of the most environmental friendly metals in the world. Brass can be recycled many times over without diminishing the composition so it means that the recycling process can continue, thus making the metal highly sustainable & the energy costs are lower than those of other metals. It is a natural and sustainable earth-derived material. An affordable alternative to gold that has a luxurious look and feel.