Our Story

At Always Summer, we aim to support local culture-based livelihood & promote traditional handcrafted pieces with a contemporary touch suited for the modern lifestyle. Therefore, our brand was born out of a desire to create sustainable livelihood opportunities for talented Filipino craftsmen and whose stories deeply touched us. 

Mien Tagua


Born and raised in Boracay Island, Philippines, I find myself in a completely different country than my motherland. Moving to the Netherlands in 2019 made it a journey of reconnection as I embrace the contrast between two different countries. From being an island soul with a city spirit, I’ve found that my heart and soul are shaped by two cultures; The Philippines where I spent my childhood and youth & The Netherlands where I have placed my roots. I have passion for the little things that tell a powerful story & that fill life with more love.

In 2021, I finally had the courage to start Always Summer– a heartfelt homage to my roots. This journey made me seek to have a deeper connection to my Filipino heritage and share them with the world. And through Always Summer, I have been making this dream come true. 

Every year, I fly to the Philippines & work closely with local artisans to create unique and statement pieces. With our partnership and through your purchase from Always Summer we help them fund several projects. I now welcome the rhythms of my urban life with an aloha spirit while weaving the threads of my island roots. I’m on a mission to bask in the warmth of my Filipino heritage. Join me as I share my journey on being an island soul to a city spirit at Always Summer!