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Island Soul, City Spirit

She finds solace and strength on the magical island, immersed in nature's symphony and authenticity. Yet, the city's vibrant pulse ignites her spirit, fueling creativity and passion. No need to choose — she's both an island girl and a city enthusiast, weaving dreams with boundless authenticity. Embracing her duality, she discovers her empowered, inspired, and whole self — an inspiration to us all.

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Mien Tagua

Owner & founder of Always Summer

Hello, I’m Mien, Born and raised in Boracay Island, Philippines, I find myself in a completely different country than my motherland. Moving to the Netherlands in 2019 made it a journey of reconnection as I embrace the contrast between two different countries. From being an island soul with a city spirit, I’ve found that my heart and soul are shaped by two cultures; The Philippines where I spent my childhood and youth & The Netherlands where I have placed my roots. I have passion for the little things that tell a powerful story & that fill life with more love. 

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Meet the makers: Inabel

The age-old weaving process is called Abel using traditional wooden looms by a group of skilled weavers in the northern Philippines. A beautiful and light weight Inabel handwoven towel is the perfect accessory to accompany you all year round.


Inabel is a textile made by hand from a weaving process called... 

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T'boli Jewelry

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